Youlanda Parker

K/1 Grade Leader

Hello, my name is Youlanda Parker. I was born in Detroit, Michigan. I love Michigan and its four seasons. I gave my life to Christ in January, 1988. As I began seeking Christ, I was led to follow my passion, which is teaching children. I always knew that I would be an Early Learning Educator. I have a National CDA in Early Childhood Education. I am currently seeking to be ACSI certified. I have 13 years of experience working with young children from the ages of 2 years old to 6 years old. I want to catch the children that may have fallen through the cracks of the education system early on. My life has been touched and blessed by Jesus Christ and the many children He has allowed to pass through my classroom.

Wherever God has planted me to work , I've done my best to leave a positive and loving impression in the lives of the children I have taught. We as teachers play a very important role in the young child’s life. We teach them the love of God, to share, social skills and many other skills. I love the gift that God has bestowed on me, the gift of teaching.

I pray that I have been a good steward of God’s creation, children. When I first worked at a Christian School, I knew that I was home. Of course I worked at a few other schools. But, God led me back to teaching for the Kingdom. I will give my best to teaching and educating your child about God at Calvary Orlando Christian Academy.

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