Visa information

Please check the visa information from your Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You might need certain documents for submitting the application (eg. tourist visa). Official information regarding visa rules and regulations of Estonia can be found at Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.


Rule No 1 – Don’t wait!

It is important to start your visa application process immediately after you have registered to the academy.

Rule No 2 – Don’t be late!

It is important to start your visa process at least 30 days before the academy starts! Otherwise we can´t guarantee that the visa process can be completed in time.

Rule No 3 – Pay attention!

Please read carefully, what kind of documents you need for the visa application. For further information definitely contact the embassy or consulate where you are going to submit the application.


To receive a visa in time, please follow these steps and instructions below. Also note that we must follow the rules due to Estonian and European laws and we can´t change them.
Our team will check your membership status (from JCI Headquarters, or from your National President). Once everything is fine with your membership status we can send you the confirmation letter, what you can forward to the embassy/consulate.

1. Register yourself to the academy

You can find the online registration form here.

2. Start the visa process

Check embassy or consulate website to find out what kind of documents you need. Check if your passport is valid to enter EU. Contact the embassy or consulate directly to make an appointment for submitting the visa application. Information about Estonian representations can found here.

3. Pay the COC Academy participation fee

You need to pay the fee as soon as possible. Your registration is valid only after the full amount is received.

4. Academy team will issue you a confirmation letter

In some cases you have to present the confirmation letter together with other documents when you are submitting the visa application. Please inform us, which process is necessary in your case! We can issue a confirmation letter after we have received your participation fee. The letter will include information about the academy (dates, location, accommodation, transport).

5. Keep COC Academy team informed

Keep our team informed about your visa status and we will keep you informed too. If you need any information, please don’t wait to contact us!