• JCI Estonia: Best International Project 2014
  • JCI Estonia: Best International Project 2013
  • JCI Estonia: Best International Project 2012
  • JCI Austria: Best International Project
  • JCI EC 2006 Tallinn, Estonia: Best International Development Project – Relaunch COC Academy
  • JCI WC 2005 Vienna, Austria: Best International Development Project – COC Academy Prototype


Over the last years more than 200 delegates, coming from 4 continents have participated in this academy! Read below the enthusiastic comment from former participants and ask your LOM and NOM about the COC Academy in Estonian wild nature! Join now!


Víctor Monreal (participant 2012, JCI Catalonia) I recomend to everybody participate in COC Academy in Estonia for me was the greatest international JCI experience in my live…and after this event my vision to JCI is going up…I miss JCI Estonia friends and I love their hard work for organize this amazing JCI spirit and experience…the question is i can repeat??? Because is not only i want, really i need it…

Kevin Hin (participant 2012, Managing Director of the 2013 European Conference in Monte-Carlo) The experience was extremely positive. I was so impressed that I spent the sessions sending the feedback almost in real time to my colleagues back in Monaco.  Add to this mix some top quality trainings, the wonderful organization and warm welcome of the Organising Committee from JCI Estonia, some top-class trainers, the opportunity to learn crucial skills and to build lifelong friendships and I can fully recommend the COC Academy for an amazing and possibly life-changing experience – after all, these are all the values that JCI stands for!

Moe Rai (participant 2010, Syria) ..Thank you COC Academy for a lifetime changing experience… Best of luck!

Pille Lodi (participant 2010, Estonian) The best training I have ever had! I recommend!

Charlotte Winde (participant 2009, Netherlands) Even after more than a year I have not landed yet. Still practicing everyting I learned at the COC Academy in the organisation of the National Convention of JCI the Netherlands (this year in october).

Tzury Serediuc (participant 2010, Romania) Hi Coc Academy! I just arrived home in my dorms… in Romania, Iasi, i’m very happy that i’m the first romanian that graduated at this great academy!
I want to go back, the place is picked up from a story and now i’m back to my real life ;)
When i will grow i want to go back there, just to help the COC or trainer ;)
Great conference, great delegates, great things that happend to me!

Richard Domingo Tan (trainer 2010, Philippines) I am back in Manila! Thank you so much for a great 2010 experience!

Mikk Orglaan (participant 2010, Estonian) What can I say? You need to participate! Otherwise you live you life and think you are worth something. After COC Academy you have your balance well balanced. You know exactly who you are and what are you capable of. RECOMMEND!

Sheila Kuyvenhoven (participant 2010, Netherlands) For a once in a lifetime experience! A must 4 everyone who is thinking about organising an event…

Raed Farah (participant 2010, Lebanon) …I agree with you because the family spirit has to be maintained…but I have to agree with everyone that it’s a must :) Your fault for making us love it ;)

…. and from the last years ….

Graham Hanlon (JCI World President 2008, JCI Ireland) COC Academy 2008
I was delighted to have the opportunity to attend the COC Academy and would echo your appreciation for all involved; organizers, trainers and JCI staff.
My only regret was that I could not arrive early.
Once again many thanks to all in JCI Austria.

Nashwan Al Othman, M.D (JCI Syria) COC Academy 2008
Last week I attended two JCI events in NYC, JCI-UN Leadership Summit & JCI MET NET, it was a hilarious experience especially that there was a lot of parties and as you know I am not a party man at all ;-) .

Anyway, during the two events I did my best to share with the other Jaycees the most magnificent JCI experience I ever had, which is the JCI COC Academy 2008, I told them how I was before the academy and how I became after it, how I was thinking that my cell phone and internet access are the most important things in my life, and how I now believe that my friends are the most important things in my life, how housekeeping was nonnegotiable to me, and how it became one of my favorite hobbies (by the way my mother thanks all the COC Academy staff for that).

I hope this year COC Academy will has participants from Area C, as many people start thinking of getting this experience.

I hope you will continue your chain of success, and be sure that you have a lot of friends and supporters around the world.

Jurga Sakalauskaite (JCI Lituania) COC Academy 2008
Thank you for your sincere sharing of your experience and know how. COC Academy left unforgettable remembrances for me. One of the things which impressed me most, was the dedication and sincerity of the staff and trainers of COC.

Steven Moddie (Executive Vice President 2007, JCI USA) COC Academy 2007
First and foremost, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am still reeling about my weekend experience and also going through withdrawals from the team!

You were all an important part for me so please accept my heartfelt thank you.

I am really excited about the opportunity to attend the JCI Vienna networking event Tuesday evening.

I hope to hear or see you all soon!  Tomorrow evening will be a great opportunity for me to see the awesome JCI Vienna chapter in action!

Lena Suominen (JCI Finland) COC Academy 2007
I would really like to thank you and your team for the kindness and inspiration you gave me during the COC-Academy. I received many useful tips for the future work of JCI EC2008.

A copy of the article that will be published in JCI Finland magazine (even if you will not be able to read it) will be sent to you in due time and I will also keep you informed who to invite for next year.
Wishing you all the best and hope to see you soon!
Lena :-)

Dorothy Oger (JCI Belgium) COC Academy 2007
I would like to congratulate you again on a magnificent COC Academy.

I really liked the balance between training in-door and out-door, the organisation of teams in huts, the location, the availability and friendliness of everyone.  Also the way the “competition” was organised.
I personally had a great time and learned particularly from the sponsor presentation + on myself in group dynamics.  But my event is in 2011 (maybe) and therefore I am perhaps less in need of information and support than Maastricht, Antalya, etc.

Please do continue to organise the COC Academy – it’s a great contribution to JCI.

Meltem Sahsuvar (JCI Turkey)  COC Academy 2006
Dear Wolfgang and the friends who organised outstanding ” 4 long days of 1st COC Academy ”,
on behalf of the Turkish Participants of the academy I want to thank all of you again and again. We met, we learnt and we grew. Thank you very much for sharing your vision, experience and knowledge and of course for your warm friendship and hospitality.
We look forward to hosting you in Antalya 2007 with the traditional Turkish hospitality in which you will feel like at home as we did in Turrach.