KHT Trainers 2018

Annalisa Schembri

Annalisa Schembri


Annalisa joined JCI in Malta in 2009 and was elected to the National Board, every year, serving in various roles between 2009 and 2015 when she served JCI Malta as National President. Between the years 2011 and 2014 she was the Events Director serving on the COC for the 2014 JCI European Conference in Malta. In 2016 Annalisa was elected a councillor on the JCI European Development Council and in 2017 she Chaired the JCI European Development Council. Currently Annalisa is serving JCI Europe as a Partnership Appointee – a bran new role on JCI Europe created and voted upon at the JCI 2017 World Congress.Annalisa is a freelance professional in the creative and entertainment industry working locally and across Europe with established productions, festivals and creative start-ups. She is also a professional in Informal and Non-Formal Education and a visiting lecturer on strategic volunteer management and event management. Annalisa is also the co-founder of a recent Maltese start-up that brings together storytellers and the business community to create the best pitch for the next big presentation.“I was a participant at the 2011 COC Academy. It was my first ever JCI event on an international level and it equipped me with the right tools and enhanced my skills to be able to master clearly the notions behind putting together a JCI Conference. At the COC academy I was able to confront ideas with a team of international trainers and discuss questions with JCI peers who formed my very first network of JCI friends outside my country.”

Daniel Balmer


Daniel joined JCI in 2014 an was local president in 2017.He works as a Member of the board in a logistics company and has over 20 years’ experience in logisticsHe was JCI European Conference 2017 Basel Head of logistics and participated in the COC Academy in 2017Daniel was responsible in some JCI Events for the logistics with 20 to 1400 participants“I`ve learned a lot in the COC Academy, that prepared me for the challenges during the JCI European conference 2017 in Basel. Furthermore it helps me to enhance the management of difficult situations in my regular job. Overall I met a lot of new good friends.”


 Horst Wenske  Horst Wenske GermanyKHT
Horst Wenske joined the Local Organization of JCI Karlsruhe (Southwest of Germany) in 2010.JCI background highlights and past JCI offices:JCI Karlsruhe Board Member 2012
JCI Germany State Conference Sponsoring Director 2013
JCI Germany Training Director/ EVP Training 2013
JCI Germany International Officer 2014
JCI Germany Deputy National President 2015
JCI Germany National President 2016
G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance Summit Director 2017
JCI Vice President for Europe 2017Horst Wenske has been honored as JCI Senator No. 74645 and is a Phil Pugsley Patron of the JCI Foundation. He is Foundation Member and a JCI Germany and JCI Europe Certified Trainer. He has attended more than 100 international JCI events and conferences in all 4 global areas (JCI Grand Slam Award 2014) and served in different positions in four different COCs on state, national and international level.

Horst Wenske is originally a computer scientist and physicist and has also an international Master of Business Administration. He is a serial entrepreneur and his companies are primarily active in the IT, Consulting and Technology field.

 Kevin Hin
Kevin Hin


Born in London, United Kingdom in a Chinese Mauritian family, Kevin moved to Monaco in 1989. He joined JCI Monaco in 2003 after 6 years studying abroad, including in Belgium and in China, in order to meet new people and quickly got involved in projects on the ground and served in several national positions. He held the office of National President of JCI Monaco in 2010 and was Managing Director of the COC of the 2013 European Conference in Monte-Carlo. He then started an international career and was elected as 2016 JCI Vice President for Europe. He currently serves as 2018 JCI Executive Vice President for Europe and is therefore responsible for the 25.000 members in the area, as well as chairing the European Presidents Meeting in Zagreb, Croatia and the 2018 JCI European Conference in Riga, Latvia. Kevin loves putting his 15 years of JCI experience into practice by sharing with the individual members he encounters and truly believes that as leaders of the organisation, we must make our members on the ground feel special.In his professional life, Kevin holds a Masters of Science in International Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics. He is currently the Deputy Sales Director for wholesale Europe of the APM Monaco silver jewellery brand and also writes in his spare time the French Riviera Blog, sharing insider tips on his region.Kevin took part in the 2012 COC Academy, the first one to be organised by Estonia, a year before hosting the 2013 European Conference:

JCI background highlights:
JCI Executive Vice President for Europe 2018
JCI Vice President for Europe 2016
COC Managing Director, JCI 2013 European Conference Monte Carlo
JCI Monaco National President 2010
JCI Senator #71282


“The COC Academy truly brought me out of my comfort zone and taught me huge skills at different levels: great know how transfer which we all truly applied to give the delegates of the 2013 European Conference a fantastic experience but especially massive personal development opportunities that have enabled me over the years to improve both at a personal and a professional level. Also, I met some amazing friends and do not recall ever having laughed so much than over those 5 days in Estonia, so I truly recommend the COC Academy experience”.


rianne Rianne Kamphuisen


Became a member of JCI Gouda (Netherlands) in 2014. Part of the organizing team of the National Convention in 2016, responsible for the marketing and communication. JCI Trainer Director of Marketing, PR and Communication of the 2017 JCI World Congress in the Netherlands“Working together with different nationalities, gaining new knowledge, learning to create a strong team and making friends for life. Just a few words to describe my experience at the COC Academy. One of the most valuable experiences in my life and I am honored to be a part of the trainers team this year!”