Trainers in 2017

Derek Reilly


Derek Reilly is a highly respected leader within JCI with a proven track-record of working and developing young people in Ireland and internationally. In JCI Ireland Derek has had a high impact in the last 5 years as a leader of empowering young people to have develop their skills, grow as leaders and impact their communities positively. Derek has excellent people and project management skills as well as wide network and in his time in JCI Ireland leadership team we have increased the membership base by 50%.

In JCI Derek established JCI Mayo in 2011, won Most Outstanding Local JCI President in 2012 and was a JCI Ireland National President for 2014. Last year Derek was a Councillor in European Development Council looking after 8 European countries.

Derek helped organise the 2012 and 2014 National Conventions in Ireland and is currently helping with the organising of the 2017 EPM (European Presidents Meeting).

Outside of JCI, Derek Reilly is based in Ireland’s capital Dublin. He is an Account Executive for Indeed (The world’s No 1 jobs website). Derek also has a passion for training and is a qualified trainer with JCI. He has trained hundreds of JCI members nationally and internationally. Derek is also an international speaker and co-author of the Amazon best selling book “LinkedIn or LinkedOut – 107 Ways to Grow your Business using LinkedIn”.


Kaire Valge


Kaire joined JCI in 2009, afters seeing a huge opportunity within the organization to fulfill her dream to become a professional trainer. Ever since she has been an active member of JCI, constantly working with different teams and being involved in various major projects, conferences and trainings. During her years in JCI Kaire has dealt with composing national and local organizations strategies, developing internal systems, reestablishing national organizations training institute and conducting countless trainings and workshops to empower members to become better leaders and better versions of them selves. She is currently JCI Estonia National President and her journey will continue in 2017 as a JCI Estonia National Past President, JCI EDC Councillor 2017 and COC Director for JCI World Congress in 2019.

In her professional life Kaire works as a solution focused coach helping teams and individuals achieve their goals and dreams. For the past 12 years she has been assisting companies as a business consultant in EU grants, by writing business and export plans, conducting cost-benefit analysis, doing customer or employees satisfaction surveys and developing strategies. Kaire is also a passionate mentor and a trainer.

JCI background highlights:
JCI World Congress 2019 COC Director
JCI EDC Councillor 2017
JCI Estonia National President 2016
JCI Senator #75520

“Ever since I first came to JCI the organization has been for me a true development accelerator. I will always be grateful for the endless opportunities, support and positive changes in my life that JCI has greated. COC academy is definitely a life changing experience that will shift you towards becoming a better version of you :)


Jacob Døring


Jacob joined JCI in 2012 and has since then focused on both Leadership and Training. He has been on the National board of JCI Denmark since 2015, was elected Most Outstanding member of JCI Denmark that same year, and he believes that to be a true Leader, you must focus on the development goals of your members (i.e. employees professionally). As such, you will experience a Trainer that has an immense attention to what each participant gains from the Trainings he designs and facilitates.

Professionally, Jacob has 500+ Training hours and has served as National Head of Training and Learning for Deloitte’s Audit function in Denmark. This has led him to start his own business recruiting and building careers for Finance professionals.

His project management and activity organization experience comes primarily from planning weeklong Training Academies professionally as well as JCI projects and JCI National board experience.