- Trainers in 2016

Lars Hajslund


Lars Hajslund joined JCI in 1993 and served in numerous positions in the organization before becoming the JCI President in 2006.

Lars has chaired numerous meetings and conferences both inside JCI and outside as well. He chaired the 2002 JCI area conference in Santo Domingo and the JCI World Congress in Seoul in 2006.

Lars leads OrgaNicer, a Professional Congress OrgaNicer company in Denmark assisting government, institutions and organizations on: Strategic Meeting Development, Meeting Management and funding.


Kaire Valge


Kaire Valge joined JCI in 2009 and she is JCI Estonia National President 2016.

She has dealt with management and sustainable development opportunities for members throughout community-based projects and trainings. Kaire has been an active member of JCI, constantly working with different teams and being involved in various major projects, conferences and trainings. Kaire has dealt with composing national organizations strategy, involving volunteers, administration, programming etc.

In her professional life Kaire works as a solution focused coach, business consultant and a trainer, assisting companies in: EU grants, Writing business, export and marketing plans, Conducting customer and employees satisfaction surveys and Developing furtherer action plans and strategies based on the results. Kaire is also a personal coach, mentor and a trainer.


Karl Johan Svendsen


Karl Johan Svendsen is an energetic and motivated person that loves development. He loves to develop himself and others. When he attends trainings he makes sure to immerse himself in the training and participate completely. He often shares from his experiences in life and uses them to explain the topic to be discussed.

Karl Johan joined Junior Chamber International in 2012, after being indirectly involved in through other associated organizations for years. He quickly became heavily involved in the organization and served as Executive Vice President for JCI Drammen in 2013 and Local President in 2014. During his year has presidency he worked hard to create a strong chapter with strength to grow in the coming years. In 2016 he is the Training Institute Director for JCI Norway.

Since 2012 Karl Johan has been running his own consultancy company where he acts as a business advisor, he finds opportunities and develops them as an advisor or with full responsibility for project management. He is currently acting as the Managing Director for a ready mixed concrete company operating in Ghana and Togo.

Karl Johan is a curios person and always wants to learn more and to share of his knowledge. He was awarded as the trainer of the year in 2014 for JCI Drammen. The last five years he has acted as a daily trainer for his kids and truly loves showing them new thins. His oldest daughter attended his first JCI training with him, on stage. Now he is looking forward to taking the role as Immediate Past President and training the coming JCI Drammen board, and coordinating all the IPPs in Norway.