- KHT Trainers 2015

Know-How Transfer Trainers 2015

Anneli Ohvril


Marketing & Communications


JCI background highlights
JCI Senator #70869
TOYP Estonia 2012 laureate
JCI Estonia National President 2011
Co-founder of JCI GO chapter in 2007
JCI Tallinn President 2006


As a KHT trainer
Worked for many years in different marketing and advertising agencies.
Have more than 15 years experience in marketing and communication field.
Have planned and executed marketing strategies for more than hundreds of companies and non-profit organizations.
JCI European Conference 2006 Tallinn Marketing Director
World clean-up project “Let’s do it World” Head of global Marketing and Campaign
COC Academy 2011, 2012 and 2014 KHT trainer in Marketing and Communication


Ardo Reinsalu


COC Director view
JCI Senator #66374
Co-founder of JCI GO chapter in 2007
JCI Tallinn President 2004
Director of the outstanding JCI European Conference 2006 Tallinn


Kaspar Ilves


Organization structure & politics
JCI Estonia National President 2015
JCI Tartu President 2012


Michael Kern

Austria (Turkey)

JCI events & PCO


JCI background highlights and past JCI offices
JCI Senator #60928
JCI Chief Operations Officer
JCI Senior Director
JCI Business Director
JCI Area Director for Europe
JCI Austria Senate President
JCI Vice President assigned to Asia
JCI Austria Board Member
JCI Vienna Board Member


As a KHT trainer
COC Academy 2010 and 2011 KHT trainer
Professional Congress Organizer; Executive Director, DEKON Group (DEKON has been providing Professional Conference Organizing services to international clients for more than 24 years. Headquartered in Istanbul, the DEKON Team runs a significant number of congresses worldwide)


Michael Müllner


Administration & Logistics


JCI background highlights
JCI Senator #63855
JCI Austria Senate President 2011-2014
JCI Austria Senate Board 2007-2011
JCI Vienna Board 2000-2006


As a KHT trainer
Michael is the CEO of the 2M that has long history in 2 business areas: cabinet maker and sandblasting techniques.
He was JCI World Congress 2005 Vienna Logistic Director.
He was a participant of the very first COC Academy in 2005 and has been KHT trainer every year since 2006.
Michael was also COC Academy Director in 2010 and 2011.


Sven Aulik


Sponsoring (Partnership) & Senat


JCI background highlights
JCI Senator #64381
JCI Estonia Senate President 2009
JCI Estonia National President 2003
JCI Tallinn President 1999, member since 1997.


As a KHT trainer
Works for Oskando Ltd as Sales & Export Director.
Has more than 20 years experience in sales, export and marketing field.
During JCI European Conference 2006 Tallinn he was Partnership/Sales Director with excellent result.
Since COC Academy 2008 KHT trainer in Sponsoring & Marketing.


Zsolt Fehér


JCI HQ view; Assessment & bidding phase


JCI background highlights
JCI Senator #64313
JCI Hungary National President 2003
JCI Deputy Director for Europe 2003-2004
JCI Director for Europe 2004-2007
JCI Senior Director 2008-2010


As a KHT trainer

During 15+ years in consulting industry he mastered training skills by delivering numerous workshops on leadership, company & project management, public speaking, HR development, corporate financial planning and financial appraisal of business plan.
He co-organised, supported, advised and/or coached all of the JCI European Conferences and JCI World Congresses from 2003 to 2010.
In addition he organized 5 JCI Know-How Transfers and 8 JCI European Presidents Meetings.