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jonamundsenURL Per Stilling

Per Stilling

JCI Certified IG Level Trainer

Per is working within the training field, with a focus on increasing the output of individuals, groups and companies.
Per graduated with honors from Oregon State University in Oregon (M.sci. in Business) and later from ESCP-EAP in Paris (MBA). Behind him he has many years of experience within the ICT-field, but now focuses on training and organizational development. Customers are found across the globe, and he services needs and wants in most industries.  Per is currently partner of Moementum (www.moementum.no), a company of 28 employees specializing in sales training programs.

Awards & Accolades 
In Osaka, Japan, Per Stilling was awarded Most Outstanding Trainer in 2010.

Per Stilling is JCI Senator and an active JCI member since 1998.


jonamundsenURL Patrick Knight 

Patrick Knight

JCI Certified International Trainer (ITF #102)

Patrick Knight is a lawyer from Miami, Florida (USA). He has extensive experience in organizational leadership and has been a conference director of two conferences held in the United States – one in Miami and one in Atlanta. Patrick is an Certified International Training Fellow (ITF) in JCI and recently, served as the 2011 JCI Training Chairperson for all JCI trainers around the world. As a local president in JCI back in 2001 and 2002, Patrick’s local organization was named the best in the United States two years in a row and was recognized as one of the three best local JCI organizations in the world.
In addition to his work as a litigation attorney and his time in JCI, Patrick is an international speaker and trainer through his company, KnightVision Seminars. (www.knightvisionseminars.com). He has given speeches or conducted seminars in twenty different states in the U.S. and twenty-five other countries around the world. He has also written a book called Blessed to Survive and routinely travels around the world speaking about overcoming tragedy and moving forward in life with a positive attitude. (www.blessedtosurvive.com).