- KHT Trainers 2013


Graham Hanlon


Know How Lobbying, Bidding
JCI World President 2008


Wolfgang Winkler


Know How COC Director perspective
JCI World Conference 2005 Wien  Director


Zsolt Fehér 


Know How JCI Session
JCI Deputy Director for Europe 2003-2004
Co-organizing JCI Europe Conference 2003 Birmingham
Co-organizing JCI European Conference 2004 Lausanne
JCI Director for Europe 2004-2007
Supporting, coaching, advising COC of
JCI European Conference 2005 Poitiers
JCI European Conference 2006 Tallinn
JCI European Conference 2007 Maastricht
JCI European Conference 2008 Turku
JCI Senior Director 2008-2010
Night events COC Director and JCI liason for JCI European Conference 2009 Budapest
Supporting, coaching COC of JCI European Conference 2010 Aarhus
Organizing 5 JCI Know Transfers
Organizing 8 JCI European Presidents meetings
Co-organizing 8 JCI World Congress


Peter Bakoš


Know How Transfer Senators Program
KHT Senator Programs and personal skills, COC Academies, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011.
25th President Florida JCI Senate, 1993-94
First National Convention, Seattle, Washington, 1977.
First European Conference, Koln, 1989
First JCI World Congress, Birmingham, 1989
Vice Chair Senator Organizing Committee Miami World Congress, 1992
Senator Organizing Committee, Las Vegas, 2002
COC European Conference 2009, Budapest
Organized ASE Spring Board meetings in Budapest in 1998 and 2005
Have participated in over 100 state and national meetings, Area Conferences in Areas A, C and D and World Congress’.
JCI Senator 32786
Secretary (co-founder) JCI Senator Joint Boards, 2005 – 2008.
Secretary (co-founder) Association of JCI Senators in Area C 2002-2004.


Benjamin Wille-Baumkauff


Know How Transfer Marketing
Leading organizer of the marketing and roadshow for the successful European
Conference Braunschweig in 2012.
Benjamin was awarded Most Outstanding Member of JCI Braunschweig in 2011. Lecturer in Wine Marketing and Online Marketing at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Estonian Business School Tallinn and Welfenakademie Braunschweig.


Michael Müllner

Senator #63855

Know How Transfer Logistics
Logistic Director, World Congress 2005 Vienna
JCI Vienna Board 2000-2006
JCI Austria Senators Board 2007-2011
JCI Senators President 2011
COC Academy Director 2010, 2011


Sven Aulik

Senator #64381

Know How Transfer Sponsoring
JCI Member since 1997,
JCI Tallinn, President 1998
JCI Estonia, Board Member (VP) 2000-2004
JCI Estonia, National President 2003
JCI Estonia, Senat President 2009
JCI Estonia Strategical Partners 2000-2004
Sponsorship projects and Trade Shows in foreign Conferences
JCI EC2006 in Tallinn – Sponsorship/Partnership director
COC Academy 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 KHT Sponsoring&Marketing