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deniz_senelt Deniz Senelt

Deniz Senelt

JCI Certified International Trainer (ITF #091)

Deniz Senelt joined Junior Chamber International back in 1998. Being a member in New York, Vienna and Istanbul she served in many officer positions, including board memberships and as Local President. She also took Director responsibilities at the COCs of the 2002 European Conference and the 2007 World Congress.

Deniz is JCI Senator # 68236 and was awarded as the Most Outstanding Trainer in 2006. So far Deniz trained in 17 JCI countries and she is well known with her training titled “LeaderMind” that she delivered at several Congresses and Conferences. After being the Head Trainer of the JCI Prime Courses, she worked at the designing teams of the JCI flagship trainings JCI TRAINER and JCI DESIGNER. She is certified Head Trainer for JCI PRESENTER, JCI TRAINER and JCI DESIGNER, JCI ADMIN and JCI ACHIEVE. Deniz was twice a member of the JCI European Academy’s Trainer Team.

Having been a participant of the JCI COC Academy in 2007, she became there also a trainer in 2008 and its Head Trainer in 2009.

In her daily business life Deniz Senelt has been the training manager of the well-known fashion retail company, Vakko, and recently she broke new grounds and took the way JCI shows by becoming an entrepreneur and running her own training, coaching and consultancy company, ProAkademi (www.proakademi.com.tr).

She is a returning speaker and panelist at the Annual Conference of the ASTD (American Society for Training and Development) and a frequent author of the HR Magazine and also published at Toastmaster Magazine and Personal Excellence Magazine.

Besides all that Deniz is also doing her masters studies in Cognitive Psychology at the prestigious Bosphorus University.She is specialized in public speaking, communication, presentation techniques, customer relations, sales management, teambuilding, goal setting and coaching trainings.

Her motto: “Be Better each new day. Nothing but the best is good enough!

jonamundsenURL Per Stilling

Per Stilling

JCI Certified IG Level Trainer

Per is working within the training field, with a focus on increasing the output of individuals, groups and companies.
Per graduated with honors from Oregon State University in Oregon (M.sci. in Business) and later from ESCP-EAP in Paris (MBA). Behind him he has many years of experience within the ICT-field, but now focuses on training and organizational development. Customers are found across the globe, and he services needs and wants in most industries.  Per is currently partner of Moementum (www.moementum.no), a company of 28 employees specializing in sales training programs.

Awards & Accolades
In Osaka, Japan, Per Stilling was awarded Most Outstanding Trainer in 2010.

Per Stilling is JCI Senator and an active JCI member since 1998.

Olga Majzoub cut Olga Majzoub

Olga Majzoub

JCI Certified International Trainer (ITF #136)

Olga is a graduate of the American University of Beirut holding a Bachelor’s degree in Computer and Communications Engineering (CCE 1999) and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA 2005) focusing on Management and Human Resources. She was a founding member of JCI Lebanon and is currently serving as JCI Lebanon National President. She was the COC Director for AMDEC North meeting 2007 which won the “Best International Development Program” Award in 2007. She participated in the COC Academy in 2008.

Olga has always had a passion for training. She is a certified JCI trainer and has reached the level of International Training Fellow # 136. She has trained in Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia, India, Ireland and Japan. She trains in topics such as creativity, positive attitude, stress management, time management, team building, business and body language.

Olga currently works at the American University of Beirut as a Project Coordinator at the Center for Civic Engagement and Community Service. She is a painter by hobby (www.olga-art.com)

Her motto in life is the famous quote “The difficult, we can do immediately. The impossible, takes just a little longer.”


JCI Lebanon Best Trainer Award for 2008
JCI Lebanon Best Trainer Award for 2007
JCI Lebanon Best International Projects Leader Award for 2006